Lo Stadio Silvio Piola di Novara (Foto GMC)


In december 1908 was founded an association called F.A.S. (football association students) which then became the first nucleus of Novara Football Club. The eight students, of the age of 15 and 16, of Carlo Alberto Institute, forming the association became prominent figure in the history of football.

Among them we remember the engineer Gianni Canestrini and the lawyer Piero Omodei Zorini. in the old times in Novara there were many small football clubs such as Voluntas, Pro Scalon, GInnastica e Scherma, Forza & Speranza, Collegio Gallarini and quite a few team of students. In November 1912 the best players of these were called to form Novara Football Club, that was going to make his debut in the Italian championship. On the 3rd November 1912, Novara made his debut playing some matches on the pitch situated in Via Lombroso, donated at that time by the owner, Guido Beldi.

The first match was played against Torino, that was already a well-know team and won 2-1; the first goal in the history of the club was made by Mario Meneghetti, that became later one of the legend of the club. In the first years, Novara formed together with Pro Vercelli, Casale and Alessandria the quadrilateral of Piedmont. In the period when football became one of the biggest interests in the peninsula, the club was able to reach the first division; between 1948 and 1956 Novara played 8 championships in a row in Serie A achieving good results even if it was a small team comparing to other clubs much more emblazoned. Big economic difficulties made the job even more difficult, good players had to be sold and the team could count only on players on loan. However, the team was able to avoid relegation and to achieve a fantastic eight place in 1952, making Novara the best club among the so-called “provincials”.

In those years a significant contribute was made by Silvio Piola, a legend of Italian football (he holds the record of best scorer in the history of serie A with more than 300 goals) that scored many of his goals for Novara. In 1956 the club got relegated in Serie B and after other five years for some illicit that are still now not so clear the team got relegated again in the third league (Serie C). Novara managed to reach the second league again and after many years it was back in Serie C; in 1981 the team collapsed in the fourth league (Serie C2). After many years between the third and the fourth league in 2003 the team was back in Serie C where he lasted for many season. In 2009-2010 season Novara reached Serie B after 33 years. In the following season a great exploit made possible to achieve the coming back in Serie A after 55 years.

The first match in the league that year was played against Inter Milan, a full stadium drove the players to a great victory against the team that only two years before was able to win the Champions League. That season will last for many years in the heart of the supporters even if Novara went back to Serie B after the 19th place in the league.

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