Italy snubs Hungary’s participation in the Qatar World Cup final

Italy, European football champion, won the German group A3 of the League of Nations and therefore its participation in the final phase of the tournament next summer. On the last day of the preliminary round, the Squadra Azzurra won the group final against the former Hungarian leader 2-0 (1-0).

The football team led by Roberto Mancini, who unexpectedly missed the upcoming World Cup final in Qatar, caught up with the Magyars despite their 1-0 draw against the German team in Leipzig last Friday.
The country is the third participant in the Nations League final.

A day earlier, the Tournament finalist Croatia and former European champions Holland had already qualified to the football finals. The fourth and last place will be disputed by Portugal, first winners, and Spain, opponents of the preliminary round of the World Cup in Germany. Reigning champions and global champions France clearly missed out on top spot from Croatia in Group A1.

The goals set by coach Roberto Mancini’s team were scored by Giacomo Raspadori and Federico Dimarco. In a direct duel in order to secure the group victory, the two teams offered an exchange of blows from the start. Raspadori scored for Italy, who had improved before a break and didn’t manage to qualify for the Qatar World Cup after a series of errors by the Hungarian defense.

After the break, Hungary searched a draw with the four Bundesliga professionals Peter Gulacsi, Willi Orban and Dominik Szoboszlai and Andras Schäfer. Gianluigi Donnarumma, an italian goalkeeper, made several brilliant saves, including against veteran Bundesliga player Adam Szalai in his last international football match on behalf of Hungary.

Vincenzo Grifo of Bundesliga club SC Freiburg has not played for Italy.

Romania were relegated from Division B to Group 3. Although the Carpathian team beat Bosnia and Herzegovina, which had already been promoted to Division A, in Bucharest 4:1 (1:0), they were behind their rivals from Montenegro who had the same number of points due to a lower goal difference. Finland escaped by winning 2-0 (0-0) to the Montenegrins.

Monday’s matches in the third class group C4 were only statistically significant following Georgia’s promotion to Division B and Gibraltar’s fixed participation in the so-called playouts for the two teams relegated to class D.

The group winners won 2 -1 (1-0) down, while North Macedonia lost 0-1 (0-0) to Bulgaria. In Division D Group 4 as well, Estonia’s comeback had been perfect even before the Balts finished 4-0 (1-0) in San Marino, which was pointless at the bottom of the group.

Backdoor World Cup ticket? That is why Italy waits

The Italian national football team sensationally missed the 2022 World Cup in Qatar sportingly. Still, an Azzurri official believes the tournament can still be reached via the green table.

1-0 defeat in the football playoff semi-finals against North Macedonia: the Championship dreams of the defending European champions were gone.

However, the former member of the Italian National Olympic Committee and president of the Italian Golf Federation is optimistic that Italy can travel to Qatar through the Green Table.

A realistic opportunity for Italy?

“There is still a chance to see this country in the football Champoinship and it is much more concrete than people think,” he told GR Parliament. The background is a false step that Ecuador made in qualifying: “Ecuador used a player in the qualifying matches who was not allowed to be on the court. This could now be sanctioned.”

According to Chilean media, the documents of the Ecuadorian international Byron Castillo have been falsified. In addition to an incorrect birthplace, he is said to have given himself an incorrect age. Castillo is said to have been born in Colombia, and is actually three years older than expected. FIFA now wants to investigate the incident.

If the allegations are accurate, Ecuador may forfeit the match points against Castillo. In this situation, Chile would advance and travel to the World Cup rather than Ecuador. Alternately, Ecuador may be completely disqualified and Italy would start.

Still, it is and remains unlikely that it will go to the football Tournament in the end.

Summing up all the above

Things are heating up to Italy at the World Cup, and it’s unclear if they’ll eventually make it to the final. However, there is still an opportunity for it.